• Testing for Drivers 80 and over

    Study after study have shown that age based testing or screening for driving ability are unfounded. Older drivers, according to these studies, do not pose any greater risk than any other age category. You can read one of these studies here, done by European Federation of Psychologist's Associations - 

    GOAL: 350 signatures

  • Dorland Industrial Wind Turbine Project

    On October 8th, 2013, the Town of Greater Napanee’s municipal council unanimously passed a motion identifying their community as an unwilling host for the Dorland Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) project.  The Globe and Mail reports that wind power has had a net loss of $2 billion to the province since...

    GOAL: 750 signatures

  • Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Redevelopment

    Here is my petition in support of the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital’s redevelopment. Along with the CPDMH email campaign that was launched October 3rd, your signature on this petition will go a long way  to helping us secure the necessary and required funding to get our hospital redeveloped....

    GOAL: 500 signatures

  • Value for Money Audit of Tarion

    Since I was first elected to Ontario's Legislature in 2007, I've heard countless complaints from both homeowners and homebuilders regarding Tarion's new home warranties. I've sent a letter to Ontario's Minister of Consumer Services, Tracy MacCharles, requesting that a value for money audit be completed on Tarion Warranty Corporation. You...

    GOAL: 500 signatures

  • Lyme Disease

    Lyme Disease is a chronic illness prevalent across much of Southern Ontario. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care does not cover far superior diagnostic and treatment methods used in Europe and the United States. As a consequence, many people across the Province travel abroad at their own expense...

    4,289 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 5,000 signatures

  • Amherst Island Wind Farm

    Amherst Island is a beautiful island in Lake Ontario - and the site of a proposed wind farm development. These inefficient, massively-subsidized wind turbines are being put up without consultation from the residents of Amherst Island.

    1,248 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 1,500 signatures

  • Eliminate the Drive Clean Program

    The Drive Clean Program was introduced a decade ago to address one of the leading causes of smog in Ontario at that time; vehicle exhaust. After 10 years, vehicle exhaust is no longer a significant source of pollution. Even the founder of the program says it has run its course....

    1,656 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 2,000 signatures

  • Fix the WSIB

    Starting January 1st, 2013, the WSIB requires independent contractors and operators to pay WSIB coverage even though most have cheaper and better insurance.

    GOAL: 1,000 signatures

  • Property Rights

    Property rights are the building blocks of civilization. Unfortunately, when it comes to property rights, the people of Ontario are out of luck. Property rights need to be explicitly protected in the constitution.

    GOAL: 500 signatures

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