• End Cash-For-Access

    This Liberal government has a complete disregard for democracy and equality. Their lavish cash-for-access scheme which saw Ministers direct stakeholders to purchase tickets costing tens of thousands of dollars to Liberal Party fundraisers showcases their discontent for democracy. This has resulted in many advocacy groups and professional organizations who can't...

    GOAL: 100 signatures

  • Natural Gas Ban

    This government is advancing their own agenda by taking away your choice to a clean, affordable option to heat your home in natural gas. This is the brainchild of Minister Glenn Murray who's environmental inquisition has included statements such as blaming the rise of ISIS on climate change and equating...

    GOAL: 1,000 signatures

  • Hydro One Sale

    The decision to sell Hydro One was made without public input, will reduce government revenue and cost Ontario consumers even more. Join us in opposing this majority sale by pledging your support today.

    1,649 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 2,000 signatures

  • Referendum Legislation

    Referendums are a great compliment to our democracy, however they are called at the behest of the government. My Private Members Bill would give citizens the ability to trigger referendums that the government would then be forced to act on, which would empower our citizens and further strengthen our democracy....

    GOAL: 500 signatures

  • Stop the Cap-and-Take Scheme

    The Liberal Government’s Cap and Take scheme is yet another way the Liberals are trying to make up for their fiscal mismanagement by asking for even more out of the pockets of the people of Ontario. Sign the petition to tell the Premier that we can’t afford a cap and...

    GOAL: 1,000 signatures

  • Testing for Drivers 80 and over

    Study after study have shown that age based testing or screening for driving ability are unfounded. Older drivers, according to these studies, do not pose any greater risk than any other age category. You can read one of these studies here, done by European Federation of Psychologist's Associations - 

    GOAL: 1,000 signatures

  • Amherst Island Wind Farm

    Amherst Island is a beautiful island in Lake Ontario - and the site of a proposed wind farm development. These inefficient, massively-subsidized wind turbines are being put up without consultation from the residents of Amherst Island.

    1,106 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 1,500 signatures

  • Eliminate the Drive Clean Program

    The Drive Clean Program was introduced a decade ago to address one of the leading causes of smog in Ontario at that time; vehicle exhaust. After 10 years, vehicle exhaust is no longer a significant source of pollution. Even the founder of the program says it has run its course....

    1,416 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 2,000 signatures

  • Property Rights

    Property rights are the building blocks of civilization. Unfortunately, when it comes to property rights, the people of Ontario are out of luck. Property rights need to be explicitly protected in the constitution.

    GOAL: 500 signatures

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