• No More Lockdowns

    Ontario is on the brink of imposing new lockdowns. Quebec has just embraced and imposed measures never seen before in Canada, refueling the fear of apocalyptic COVID projections. We must now to push back.   The evidence is mounting, the methods used to test for COVID are defective, producing 50% false...

    15,572 signatures

  • Reopening Schools

    I have created a petition calling on the government to be practical, provide the same per-pupil funding that government provides to the school boards, $12,500 per student, directly to the parents if they choose another means to educate their children. Parents deserve to choose where the funding for their children's...

    1,721 signatures

  • Stop Mandatory Face Masks

    While Mandatory Face Mask policy is being decided by public poll, without evidence, I thought it is about time I did a public poll myself in the form of a petition. More and more I am hearing stories of constituents and others around Ontario being denied entry to grocery stores,...

    8,010 signatures

  • Fix Service Ontario's Backlog

    The response to COVID-19 in Ontario has resulted in unmanageable backlogs within all government services. Specifically, with one of the most important amenities we offer, our Service Ontario outlets. Despite the countless services they offer and vital support they give to our many industries and individuals, they have been left...

    444 signatures

  • End The State Of Emergency

    The State of Emergency in Ontario has resulted in the highest unemployment rates in generations, the mass closure and loss of small, family-owned businesses, the elimination of people's hard-earned life savings, and is placing an immeasurable strain on the mental health of thousands throughout Ontario. In addition the State of Emergency...

    4,989 signatures

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