Letter to First Ministers of Canada and Official Opposition Leaders Regarding The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud

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Today, I sent a letter to the Prime Minister, all the Premiers across Canada and their Official Opposition Leaders, informing them about the document penned by leading professionals from across our great country and the United States, many within the intelligence communities, exposing China’s involvement with the lockdowns across the western world.

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The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud

COVID is being exploited as a Trojan horse to advance the CCP agenda around the world.

The following document has compiled evidence of the CCP's involvement in the worlds scientific & medical communities, among other industries.

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What Really Is Holding Back Our Hospitals During COVID?

Many perpetuated the lie that is the COVID pandemic and people are fed up. While fear is preventing many healthcare professionals from speaking out, fear of job losses, public shaming; Andrew, a nurse in Ontario wrote this powerful message to his MPP outlining the real situation in our hospitals. It is clear hospitals are not overwhelmed and patients in need are left waiting.

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Lives: With The Very Opinionated Kate Wand


I was LIVE with The Very Opinionated Kate Wand Show. We discussed her videos about how we as a society have reacted to #COVID19, methods to move us back towards normal, and answered your questions.

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Lives: COVID Oped + Five Essential Charts & Data

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