Hydro Facts - Ontario Most Expensive in Canada

The rates and graph have now been updated for all jurisdictions to reflect the prices as of May 1st 2016.

Have you had enough of escalating electricity rates, outrageous delivery, regulatory and debt charges, billing mistakes, and excuses from Hydro One and the Wynne Government?

Rising costs and all these extra charges have made Ontario the most expensive jurisdiction for electricity in Canada. I have put together this fact comparison with the other provinces- clearly this government's energy policies are bankrupting us.

*Alberta was left out of the comparisons due to multiple utilities operating throughout the province on different systems*

Take a look at this chart demonstrating the all-in-cost for rural resident's monthly billing across Canada.


Here's the detailed breakdown of the rates from the chart above:

Basic monthly Charge, $7.57
Energy Charge: 7.672¢/kWhx1000, $76.72
$7.57 + $73.81
Total $81.38 for 1000 KwH

British Columbia
Basic monthly charge, 0.1835 per day ($5.50 monthly)
Energy Charge: 0.0829¢/kWhx675=$55.96, 0.1243¢/kWhx325=$40.40
Rate Rider 5% Rate Rider applied to all charges before taxes and levies
5.50+96.35= 101.85 + $4.82 (rate rider)
Total $106.67 for 1000 KwH


Basic Monthly Charge $29.19               
Energy Charge: 12.624¢/KwHx1000, $126.24  
$29.19 + $126.24  
Total $155.43 for 1000 KwH

Hydro one
Energy Charge: 18¢/kWhx200 peak $36, 13.2¢/kWhx200 mid $26.4, 8.7¢/kWhx600 low $52.20 
Line loss charge +$11.19
Basic Monthly Charge + $24.07
Regulatory charge + $6.71
Delivery charge ($30.88 service charge +distribution volume charge $29.80+ transmission connection charge $4.80 +transmission network charge $6.80+ Smart Meter Charge $10.38=$82.66
Total  $239.23 for 1000 KwH

Basic Monthly Charge, $12.19 
Energy Charge: 5.71¢/KwHx900=$51.39, 8.68¢/kWhx300=$26.04
Total  $89.62 for 1000 KwH

New Brunswick

Basic Monthly Charge, $22.79
Energy Charge: 10.41¢/KwHx1000, 104.20
104.20 + 22.79
Total $126.99 for 1000 KwH

Nova Scotia

TOU billing
Basic Monthly Charge, $18.82
Energy Charge: break down 20 peak/20 mid/60 low
Peak=19.158¢/kWh Medium=14.800¢/kWh low=7.873¢/kWh
peak =38.31 medium=29.60 low=47.24
Total  $133.97 for 1000 KwH

Basic charge, $15.70
Energy Charge: 10.573¢/KwHx1000, $105.73
Total $121.43 for 1000 KwH

Basic Monthly Charge, $26.92
Energy Rate Charge=13.56¢/KwHx1000, $135.60
Total $162.52 for 1000 KwH

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commented 2017-01-15 13:28:51 -0500 · Flag
Hydro Ones issues simplified!
Who in the right mind would sign green energy contracts for 20 year terms at a cost of up to 80 cents a KWH, if you can buy it for 3.3 cents KWH in the open market?
For those having a hard time understanding this, it is like rather than buying your truck from dealer A for $ 40,000.00 go to dealer B and pay $ 970,000.00 !
Keep up voting liberal!!!!
commented 2017-01-11 20:01:01 -0500 · Flag
Ontario’s hydro rates are now the highest in Canada, and still going higher, while in other provinces, hydro rates are poised to go higher as carbon taxes kick in.

Number One: there is growing proof that global warming is not happening, rather we are starting to enter a period of global cooling. I’ll be posting a link to that effect below here shortly.

Number Two: and most important is to understand who is driving the program for wind turbines and carbon taxes. While there are some agitators from Hollywood, the major agitators are actually in Canada and operating in Provincial and Federal governments and the list can be boiled down to a handful of men connected with the environmental groups and the wind industry basically sucking and blowing off each other with the help of mainstream media and members of parliament of the governments turning a blind eye to these salacious relationships.

The following is some research I have done and posted in numerous other groups, and just added the above introduction for the benefit of this group.

We read much about “trudeau does not get it” topic these days. He has had over a year to “get with the program” that Canadians wanted, yet it appears that he doing his own thing and totally ignoring the needs of Canadians.
There is a need to investigate this matter.
Starting with the liberal party executive, there are at least two names that figure prominently on the internet and also in the Hansard of the Ontario government.
Exibit A: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Butts
Mr. Butts appears to be well connected with environmental groups who were pushing the environmental agenda in the McGuinty government. It is no surprise that the shutdown of coal and in particular building wind turbines has emanated from those groups. Mr. Butts appears to be everywhere including at the forefront in discussions with the Trump administration on trade.

“In 1999, Butts became a policy director within the Government of Ontario.6 He was the policy secretary, and later the principal secretary, in the office of the then premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, in Toronto.10 Prior to the 2007 election, Butts was a McGuinty insider. After the election, he became McGuinty’s principal adviser. As one of his biographical notes describes it, Butts “was intimately involved in all of the government’s significant environmental initiatives, from the Greenbelt and Boreal Conservation plan to the coal phase-out and toxic reduction strategy.”11
Butts had previously worked with Senator Allan MacEachen, and with George Smitherman.6 With Butts’ influence,8 the Ontario Liberal Party won the Ontario provincial elections in 2003 and in 2007.
On June 25, 2008, Butts was announced as the president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada. He officially took up the position on September 2, 2008,12 succeeding Mike Russill.
On October 16, 2012,13 Butts left WWF-Canada to become the political advisor to Justin Trudeau.14 His position at WWF-Canada was filled by David Miller, a former mayor of Toronto.
On December 13, 2012, Butts was interviewed by Steve Paikin for The Agenda on the topic of “The Best Way to Clean Up the Environment”.1516 Butts has published articles in the Boston Book Review, the Literary Review of Canada, and Gravitas. He has also appeared on television programs such as W5 and TSN’s Off the Record.”

Exibit B: https://yourwardnews.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/liberal-hack-mike-crawley-exposed/
Read carefully the paragraphs that can be found in the official record of the Province of Ontario that are summarized on this web page. In particular note that Mr. Crawley is an active member of the liberal executive, and also a wind developer. Mr. Crawley is therefore the beneficiary of the liberal energy policy that was implemented in Ontario, and being attempted to be implemented across Canada.


1. The liberal government has got to be the most salacious and incestuous governments Provincially and Federally in the history of Canada.

2. Trudeau himself is largely uneducated as a business man, and no real government experience would not have developed the mind for critical thinking about Canada as a country.

3. From the above, Trudeau is merely a puppet for the lobbyists and ‘advisors’ who have an agenda that runs counter to common sense and the greater good of Canadians.

The statement that “trudeau doesn’t get it…” is very true, but what is also true is that ‘he will never get it’.

The thing that is transparent about the trudeau liberal transparent government are the many signs of corruption and unethical associations.

This needs to be brought to the attention of the Governor General in order to issue a writ to dissolve the trudeau government and force an election. Failing this, then all of the above needs to be brought out into the public domain by media and some of the media eg. CBC needs to be shutdown in order to stop the pontification about the greatness of the liberal government.
commented 2016-12-29 20:54:47 -0500 · Flag
The Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 was supposed to create a carbon free economy in Ontario by shutting down all coal power plants in Ontario, and installing thousands of large wind turbines to provide the alternative zero carbon source of electricity.

In light of the above, and here we are 8 years later in 2017; why do we need to pay a carbon tax? It is reported that the carbon tax would be used to augment subsidies for more if the zero carbon technology, and that would create a second order effect of even more cost increases. Alternatively, some jurisdictions such as Australia have scrapped their carbon tax system. While, China and some other countries will not not be implementing any carbon taxes at all as their focus is on lowest cost of energy.

The entire premise for green energy has been to avert, at first; global warming. Once it was discovered that the earth temperature was not increasing, then the premise changed to preventing climate change. That is all too easy to say without any metrics such as how many tax dollars per unit change in +/-temperature? Nobody knows. However, the tax has been very arbitrarily set with no empathy for the homeowners, businesses, and/or pensioners and others having to decide between food, rent or warmth in their home. The protected ones will be those government union workers who have COLA clauses in their contracts. Welcome to the two tier society created by the Wynne and Trudeau governments.

To add insult upon insult, the cost of electricity wind and solar as determined by the Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 is two to three times the costs of nuclear power that is zero carbon. Today we have a ballooning Global Adjustment of over one billion dollars that also needs to be paid off.

Auditor reports and various other financial reports indicate that we have already paid $37 billion too much for electricity. This points to serious, gross and untenable mismanagement of the energy portfolio.

There are three options;

1) the entire liberal cabinet needs to resign,

2) liberal back bench MPP’s need to develop some spine, a brain and the gonads to cross the floor, or

3) the lieutenant Governor needs to issue a writ to dissolve parliament.

commented 2016-12-22 07:37:47 -0500 · Flag
The only way to fix wynne and to get Ontario out of this mess is to send her and the entire liberal cabinet to a special place in hell. Her ‘approval rating’ as done recently by pollsters shows that there is no confidence in the wynne government. With those who work for a living, and not talking about the entitled government workers, having to live like peasants giving everything they have to these elite barons piling on taxes and red tape while giving free electricity and money to foreign governments is simple treason. There is no room for any respect for these liberals and my Christmas greeting for them is certainly not happy holidays.
commented 2016-12-21 23:17:26 -0500 · Flag
We have a number of actions/events that we could use Ontarian’s help with. We are bringing together multiple groups into one page on FB including Hydro One Enough is Enough, Ontario Political Action Group, Keep Hydro Public, We Own It and so on. Visit us if you want to learn about why we have a crisis or just see the ongoing events. facebook.com/fixthiswynne
commented 2016-12-21 11:40:49 -0500 · Flag
The one person totally responsible for all of this, is Gearld Butts. This man has been getting a free ride for his obsessed environmental polices for years. Its time to let this man know that people are seriously suffering under his dogma policies He can be reached at the PMO’S staff contact list, Gearld Butts ,its time to to be acceptable for this!!!!!
commented 2016-12-07 09:29:40 -0500 · Flag
I’m not sure what can be done – short of sending in the army – to get the message to Hydro One that they are bankrupting the citizens of Ontario. Multiple reports from the Auditor General and Ombudsman have been highly, highly critical of virtually every aspect of Hydro One’s operating procedures, and yet nothing changes. I just seem to get an endless flow of hydro bills, and knowing what I know about the mistakes they commonly make in billing it’s hard to trust that I’m not paying for the same period multiple times. What I do know is that even if I’m being billed properly the cost of electricity is absolutely outrageous.
People need to wake up to the fact that thanks to the ridiculous policies of the Wynne government Ontarians will be saddled with high prices for hydro forever.
How this government got re-elected after the Dalton McGuinty fiasco is completely and utterly beyond me. If Kathleen Wynne is re-elected it will be tempting to join the majority of my schoo lfriends who have left Ontario and never looked back.
commented 2016-11-24 13:20:23 -0500 · Flag

Excellent points you have made, I see your side really well. What this shows me is that again, Hydro does what it wants all the time.

I dont see any Leader calling them on it. All is see is people blaming the politicians who have no control what so ever with Hydro process. I hear blame from NDP (cause all she does is whine), I hear NOTHING from PC cause they have to still figure out who is running the ship and I hear….blah, blah, blah from Wynne and how the past has hurt us…

If I was leader, I would put a stop on wages. I would privatize the areas that are least producing and I would contract out all clerical work. Fire them all and start new….shake things up.

From the top down, CEO Formosa (spelling).. who was fired for being one of the top money earners in Ontario and least productive, what a nightmare to begin.

We implemented SAP under her reign of terror and trust me when I say, the Vendors were not being paid in over a year due to the mess up of SAP. 1 year later our poor vendors and suppliers were not getting paid. It got to the point that lawyers were walking in and serving papers for payment of services and product. These poor companies were laying people off, stressing how to survive etc all because our new SAP system was not paying them. Some in the millions of dollars, but the funny part was that they were receiving Hydro Bills every month just fine.

and the Hydro staff were taking leave of absence up to a 6 – 9 months cause of the stress that what brought on…please these clerks push paper and they wanted stress leave.

My point of this is, no one from the GVT stepped in to do anything about it. No one…I was there and it sucked going to work and yet the GVT did nothing.

If I were to hear from a Political Party a real agenda on how to stop this Cash Cow..they would have my vote. Not a Trump idea where its not even thought of yet..but a real concrete agenda..thats what we need…I am hoping you have something like that..you do seem to know the Grid System well.

commented 2016-11-23 16:42:43 -0500 · Flag
I beg to differ… Yes, wages are high. But the fact we’re generating too much electricity also means we employ too many people to make, and to distribute that electricity, whether they’re direct employees or paid by contracted suppliers… And also has to do with the refurbishing of the grid to allow inputs from all those new wind and solar farms, rather than taking power from large generators to distribute… It’s waaaayyy more than just high salaries
commented 2016-11-23 15:30:04 -0500 · Flag
I dont understand it at all. There hasnt been one political party that has been able to do anything with Hydro One because it is a cash cow.. Not one politician has given any proof that they know what to do..not one…This Hydro One has too much weight and pushes around anyone that gets in their way. I worked at Hydro and I can tell you that the Union and Managers..all the way up to CEO dont even flitch when the GVT talks.
I started as entry level paper pusher and made over 56K a year, union…I was shocked at this pay but I needed a job.
Do we really think its because we make too much electricity? I think its because the pays and the wages are so out of whack…
Im sure that payroll at Hydro One is probably their biggest cost..yet no one can do anything about it..cause if they do…shut down the system.

So for those of you that like to pat Harris or yell at McGuinty or Wynne…none of them had the balls to tackle the Hydro problem cause its beyond them..its bigger than them or any party.
commented 2016-10-05 20:13:41 -0400 · Flag
Ontario Society of Professional Engineers know what other provinces and states do to provide cheaper electricity than Ontario. In fact they have produced several reports about it. And, in fact, they told the Minister of Energy what would happen long ago before he started down this road, and the Minister of Energy and the Premier (Dalton at that time) went ahead anyways… The fact is we have too much energy due to the wind/solar, and we have to shut down cheaper sources of electricity in order to buy wind/solar because that’s what the contracts say. And we pay multiples of the actual cost of producing electricity to the providers of wind and solar because that’s what the contracts say. And the expensive so-called refurbishment of the grid was not to improve efficiency and reliability of it (because it is actually worse according to the FAO) but was actually done in order to allow the many wind/solar farms to feed into the grid… Again, this raised the costs of the ‘new’ grid to multiples of what it should have been. Everyone knows this. The auditor general in her reports in 2011 and 2014 pointed out that the Minister of Energy did not follow the law by allowing the OEB to bring out a long-term plan but instead usurped that role himself, ignoring advice of experts and in-house specialists, and basically told the entire Ministry what to do without a cost/benefit analysis or a knowledge of what the success or failure of the plan would like. And Thibeault is carrying on.
commented 2016-10-05 19:23:01 -0400 · Flag
Why can’t Ontario Hydro engineers investigate what other provinces are doing to provide electricity cheaper than Ontario .
commented 2016-10-03 10:36:12 -0400 · Flag
Are all the people criticizing Harris tryng to say McGuinty and Wynne are good managers of Ontario’s finances. Harris did not waste money or overspend. He reduced needless expenditures that were not value for money. I can appreciate that the people cut off from the various gravy trains by Harris were as upset as the politically connected Wind Turbine companies who have now seen their expansion curtailed.

Personally since I use Geothermal heating and need electricity to run the condensers, I must now spend well over $2,000 a year more, over and beyond normal inflation, on my Hydro One bill, despite doing everything possible to conserve energy, and this is on account of incompetence by McGuinty and Wynne. I would like to see the Liberal commenters on this site explain how the track record of McGuinty and Wynne is somehow better than Harris on this file.
commented 2016-09-21 18:18:24 -0400 · Flag
Well Rob, I don’t live in Toronto. The only thing Harris did for me was download provincial responsibilities to municipalities, with no money to fund them. So my property taxes skyrocketed as our local politicians tried somehow to fund programs like social services, etc. Did I see a tax cut? Nope, just the illusion of tax cuts and a big sales pitch.
commented 2016-09-21 13:11:22 -0400 · Flag
the recent trend is for society to villanize honest people eg. Harper, Harris and Hudak and then attempt to turn liars and thiefs into heros. This has got to stop.
commented 2016-09-21 12:49:08 -0400 · Flag
the way to pay for transit is the same as for all infrastructure, ie. Development Charges. Why aren’t costs of transit included in development charges as that is administered under the Municipal Act? This is the reason why transportation systems are in a congested mess….no proper planning and no proper financing by basically people who ought to know better if they either call themselves “planners”, or ‘leaders of the community’.
commented 2016-09-21 11:22:07 -0400 · Flag
@ Rob Price …you quoted Mike Harris as saying "On transit: “No one gives us credit for the transit expansion. Nothing had been built in 25 years, subway-wise. We started Sheppard. We didn’t ask the feds for money. It’s not a federal responsibility. It was two-parts province, one-part city.” ….. TOTAL NONSENSE…. Mike Harris cut total funding for public transit at TTC…which resulted in rebuilding old GM buses and using the farebox to fund operating costs (the ONLY transit system in North America at the time in doing this)…he brags about the Sheppard subway which was a white elephant that had LOW ridership for years…there was NO money going into improving/replacing old subway infrastrucure as well…. so PLEASE stop the bull about Harris….
commented 2016-09-21 11:12:52 -0400 · Flag
Aatos – you are delusional… Mr. Harris took his 1995 election victory as a licence to effect sweeping change. He reduced taxes, overhauled the education system and (less successfully) the health system, and halved the welfare rolls. He took advantage of the boom times fuelled by U.S. expansion. Within a few years he had eliminated the annual deficit, even as he introduced corporate, capital-gains and personal tax cuts. Ontario still carries a heavy accumulated debt, but Mr. Harris deserves all credit for bringing fiscal responsibility to a province that had not known it for years.

Here is some more of what Harris had to say about the accomplishments of his government and the future of Ontario:
  • On transit: "No one gives us credit for the transit expansion. Nothing had been built in 25 years, subway-wise. We started Sheppard. We didn’t ask the feds for money. It’s not a federal responsibility. It was two-parts province, one-part city.

“The commitment at that time was let’s keep on building. And you know Mel (former mayor Mel Lastman), he picked Sheppard.
  • Culture: His government built the Four Seasons Centre, and invested millions into the AGO, ROM, and other cultural institutions.

“We got them all going. They were important for Toronto if it’s going to be a world class city.”
  • On Amalgamation: There wouldn’t have been a city of Toronto if we hadn’t put it together," he said.

“It was a little controversial as well,” he joked.

“I’m disappointed more efficiencies weren’t found in the six cities coming together, in Toronto in particular.”
commented 2016-09-21 08:03:15 -0400 · Flag
The real question is, will a different government lower these rates appreciably? I have not seen any evidence of that in the past. Harris gifted us with huge local tax increases.
commented 2016-09-21 08:01:36 -0400 · Flag
The real question is, will a different government actually do something about these rates. I have seen no evidence of that in the past. Harris gifted us with huge local tax increases.
commented 2016-09-21 07:59:36 -0400 · Flag
The real question, now, is will a different government actually lower rates? I have not seen any evidence of that happening in past. Harris gifted us with huge increases in local tax rates,
commented 2016-09-15 00:16:42 -0400 · Flag
My interpretation of wynne’s rebate is that it is just her finger up everybodys’ anus. Again, just my opinion of wynne.

commented 2016-09-14 20:45:19 -0400 · Flag
there was a time when virtually all people of Ontario were treated equally and with respect. The liberals changed all that with a screw everybody outside of Toronto policy, and screw everybody with high costs, but then pqy all government workers very well so that they won’t complain. Many homes from the 1950’s had electric heat installed. The liberals are seizing on that customer and telling them to freeze in the dark. I say, liberals go find another planet. Electricity is a necessity of life and turning off your power is not an option.
commented 2016-09-14 19:20:35 -0400 · Flag
I think one of the major problems for those of us who live anywhere outside of a major urban centre is not the cost of the actual electricity, but rather the cost of distribution. If I lived 10 km south of where I am now, my monthly bill for the same amount of electricity would be $64.79 rather than the $106.82 I am paying. I tried to find another province in Canada that had such a massive difference between urban and rural customers, and could not, although I may be mistaken there – as I said, I couldn’t find comprehensive data comparisons. The closest I could find was low density rural rates in Alberta, and their total percentage of distribution & other costs was 55% of their total bill (which was lower than ON rates) vs. 34-40 percent for other areas – I am currently paying 71% for distribution and other charges and that is set to increase, on top of higher electricity prices.
The distribution rates are being changed, as was noted in an earlier post, to fixed monthly rates. Of course, high volume users will benefit from that change, paying less than they now pay, and low volume users (i.e. those who foolishly have tried to conserve electricity) will pay higher rates than we currently pay. I am not sure how that will aid the effort to lower energy consumption, We all remember what lower usage last winter did for our rates!!

Another concern is the rate of increase that Ontarians are facing. Several different sources online (including CBC, CHCH etc.) suggest that the increase in rates are greater in ON than anywhere else in North America – Toronto Sun (albeit perhaps not the gold standard in reporting) used a figure of 72% increase in kWh rate since 2006. I can’t comment on the accuracy of that figure, but I can comment on my own bills – in October of 2012, I was paying 22.7 cents per kWh; July 2014 was 24.7 cents per kWh; Sept 2015 it was 32 cents per kWh and recent bills is 39.7 cents per kWh (and bills before that topped 40 cents). That seems like a very large increase in 4 years, with no end in sight. Those on a fixed income are essentially stuck, as there is little we can do to minimize the effect of these increases – using less power or changing when you use it will not help your bottom line in any appreciable way.
commented 2016-09-14 18:45:54 -0400 · Flag
Posted by a friend on facebook and repeated here,

Your Hydro Bill…In Ontario

For you Ontario people… Based on a monthly use of 1000 kw the average bill for an Ontario resident is $226.03!

1. Move to Quebec ! In Quebec for the same number of kilowatts the average bill is $67.89? That’s 70% lower than Ontario .

Don’t speak French?? Then go to option No. 2

2. Move to British Columbia : While maybe British Columbia will be more suitable, as English is spoken there but Chinese would be an asset.

The average monthly hydro bill for 1000 kw is $89.12 that’s 61% lower than Ontario .

Don’t want to move so far??? Go to option 3.

3. Move to Manitoba : How about Manitoba ??

English spoken there and the average hydro bill for 1000 kw is $81.09 that’s 64% lower than Ontario .

This huge price disparity is due to badly mismanaged and misguided energy policies of the present Provincial government, that wants to be remembered as the GREEN Government and feel good about themselves, all the while rewarding their friends and foreign investors with your money.

And this is only the beginning, the Provincial Government has stated there are lots more rate hikes to come.

These high energy costs are one of the main reason that Ontario ‘s industry can’t compete and good paying jobs are leaving our province.

So just remember this when Kathleen Wynne wants you to re-elect her and her band of merry bandits.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our Friend McGuinty disappeared from the radar. He should be in jail for his mismanagement !

PASS IT ON !!!!!!
commented 2016-09-14 18:34:20 -0400 · Flag
the issue is not price per homeowner, but price to industrial users. Ontario has basically told Ontario industry and farmers to go to hell. What happens next is a loss of jobs, more imports, more cost for electricity, and groceries, and everything made in China or Mexico. Liberals need to go live on their own special planet, because we just do not need the liberal mentality here, we do not need the NDP and Green Party anti-nuke mentality here. And btw, liberals are under 5 OPP investigations. The liberals caused 1000 people to be jailed without warrant over a weekend (G20 event). If you voted liberal or NDP or Green, you deserve to be sent to another planet.
commented 2016-09-14 14:34:36 -0400 · Flag
incidentally the price per kwh in
Sweden, second half of 2015, was .187 Euro, or about 28 cents cdn per kwh.

Basically the same or a bit cheaper from what I pay


Again, irrelevant to the claim that Ontario pays more than any other jurisdiction in North America. But certainly shows it’s not a bargain anywhere in the world…
commented 2016-09-14 14:20:35 -0400 · Flag
Ralph asked What would be the impact on rates of the measures you propose?

You’re probably right, it might be expensive. However it is certainly less expensive than continuing down the road the liberals seem intent on following… As Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk (a former executive with Manitoba Hydro who understands energy markets), Ontario ‘ratepayers forked out $37 billion more than necessary from 2006 to 2014 and will spend an additional $133 billion by 2032 due to global adjustment electricity fees on hydro bills.’

It didn’t have to be that way. The liberals signed up long term contracts with energy suppliers we didn’t need. The money the province misspent on rebuilding the grid is many times what was needed. Why? Because they rebuilt the grid to allow multiple inputs from small wind/solar installations. Yet, for every MW of wind/solar energy added to the grid, we need a MW of back-up from a traditional generator… And since we’re in an energy surplus situation, the wind/solar installations are not needed. Another fact is that keeping all those gas plants on standby causes more ghg than running them full-steam, so we’re not even saving the environment with all this ‘green energy’.

It will cost us a lot to get out of this liberal=engineered fiasco, you’re right. But it will be far far cheaper than following the liberal dream to disaster.
commented 2016-09-14 13:09:27 -0400 · Flag
I haven’t seen one single post from you where you’ve cited prices to prove that other North American jurisdictions are paying more than the 27-34 cent per kwh people at Hydro One are paying. I didn’t think it would be necessary to convert the US prices since it’s quite easy to do it in your head and see it comes out to less than the 27 cent I paid on my last bill, let along the 33. something I paid on the one before. Frankly, if you can’t back up your position with figures to show that I’m wrong, then you are and internet troll or a liberal pr flack. If you don’t know the definition of internet troll look it up. You’ve come on here several times to say we’re wrong, and you’ve failed to produce figures to show that we are wrong, just cast aspersions on our numbers.

As for Germany I have relatives there and I know what they pay and I know many people there are not happy about what they pay, despite the fact they’re still building coal plants…

With coal-fuelled power plants still resisting retirement, greenhouse gas emissions in Germany actually grew last year; when the cooler weather is taken into account they stagnated at best (see chart 2). Germany is now on a trajectory to miss its climate targets by a wide margin. In view of the financial and political capital which has gone into the energy transition, the so-called Energiewende, this is bad news for German politicians.

Here, we have finally arrived at the root of the German conundrum – the relatively cheap coal-fuelled power plants in Germany have found a replacement for the domestic market. If they cannot sell their output in Germany, often because of high production from renewables, they simply turn to export. As a result, however large a share of the market renewables will achieve in Germany over the next few years, coal’s share will not shrink much. Neither will Germany’s energy-related CO2 emissions. The current market is not able to solve this issue. Only political action will. But it will come at a price, again.

commented 2016-09-14 12:53:33 -0400 · Flag
Rob, there is no need, nor is it particularly effective, for you to cast aspersions on my character. I was genuinely trying to make a contribution to a discussion of a topic on which I have done a great deal of research over a period of 30 years. If you elevated the tone of your comments and showed more respect for the other conversants, you would have a more productive outcome.
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