Stop Bill 45 from Banning Vaporizers

The Healthier Choices Act, which inexplicably bans vaporizers/e-cigarettes has been sent to Committee. Here's my question to the Minister responsible today - it's clear the Liberals just don't get it. Click here to Learn how you can be heard:

Posted by Randy Hillier on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Freedom of Choice 

Once again this Liberal Government is restricting your freedom to make healthy choices for yourself. Disguising it as the “Making Healthy Choices Act”, Schedule 3 of this Act will in fact drive people away from healthier choices and back to tobacco. 

Many thousands of people have successfully quit smoking thanks to vaporizers, or “e-cigs” as they are sometimes called. Between 95 and 99% cleaner than cigarettes, there is no scientific or medical evidence that suggests vaporizers cause inhalable exposure to contaminants or warrant any health concerns - yet this government would like to regulate them as they do with tobacco and alcohol. 

You Can Participate 

Bill 45 is having Public Hearings in Toronto on Monday, April 20 and Wednesday, April 22, 2015.  

To make an in-person challenge to the Bill,  contact the Clerk of the Committee at 416-325-3515 or by email at [email protected] by 4:00 p.m. Wednesday 15 April 2015.  

If you cannot appear before the committee, you may still submit written comments via the Clerk’s office at 416-325-3515 or by email at [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Be Heard! 

This is your opportunity to be heard- get your submission into the Committee while we still have an opportunity to influence the decision makers. Make sure you are heard. 

Also, contact the Premier and the Minister of Health and share your views with them: 

Premier Kathleen Wynne
Ph: 416-325-1941
Email: [email protected] 

Minister Eric Hoskins
Ph: 416-327-4300  
Email: [email protected]

Associate Minister of Health Dipika Damerla
Ph: 416-327-4300
Email: [email protected]

Please let me know the Premier and the Ministers have heard from you by copying me at [email protected]

Sign the Petition 

I have also prepared a petition opposing this bill, Click below to sign it! There is also a downloadable/printable version of the petition available at that link.

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  • Heather Smith
    commented 2016-03-17 11:51:51 -0400
    10 months smoke free! 20+ years of being a pack a day smoker. I can’t even begin to express how good I feel. I’ve started exercising and eating better because I’m not huffing and puffing when I use my vaporizer. Please think long and hard before banning this as you will turn me back to cigarettes or I will end up extremely overweight…either way I will be a burden on the Health Care system and be using unnecessary tax dollars for Health Care. This is my choice…
  • Stephanie Gail
    commented 2015-05-27 16:44:45 -0400
    I am 37 yrs old ,smoked for 15 years ,2+ packs a day is my 5 year anniversary of being smoke free thanks to vaping ,I no longer have chronic bouts of bronchitis ,breathing problems ,hacking cough..still vaping strong ! And these products should NOT be classified along with cigarettes ,the fact that vapers are forced to stand outdoors among smokers is totally wrong to me !
  • Half Enjoyed
    commented 2015-04-26 13:03:51 -0400
    My issue with this bill other than obvious ones regarding the suggested restrictions is in the bill itself. This was piggybacked on to 2 other bills that already existed in the legislature in nearly identical form as presented in this bill. Bundling this as the 3rd with these 2 others ensured that the vaporizers did not receive a fair debate as a great portion of the time was wasted on back patting and waning on about everyone’s favorite terible foods and droning on about how bad cigarettes are (was the irony lost on anyone). If you want to congratulate Ms. Gelinas, pass her bills and give them their due time in debate which is what I wish were the case for our vaporizers, most would discuss this matter 3rd, cutting back as their time ran out…. Was this issue discussed fairly? No. This was only discussed as an afterthought good or bad… if at all.
    I would like to thank you Mr. Hillier for being one of the at all and for you valiant efforts to our cause.
  • Gary Wattam
    commented 2015-04-25 16:50:31 -0400
    Just a little tidbit of info in support of my fellow #vapers
    #vape #vapelife
  • Sonia Giller
    followed this page 2015-04-20 22:21:31 -0400
  • Joe Vengence
    commented 2015-04-18 12:37:03 -0400
    I have smoked for 25 years. I tried quitting with the nic patch and gum. I even tried cold turkey. Never worked. Then I was introduced to vaping and it helped me stop smoking completely. I started at a 18mg nicotine level and have worked my way down to 3mg. I am very susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis and was hospitalized for it….the docs said it was a good thing I quit smoking and also agreed vaping was a healthier alternative to smoking. They also said if I was to still be smoking I would have full blown copd within a year or so. Thanks to vaping I haven’t had a cigarette in over 5 months.
  • Jason Villeneuve
    commented 2015-04-18 07:08:09 -0400
    Smoked for 20 years… Now I chuck delicious harmless clouds of vapor and healthy. Government dosnt want this? That’s because they can’t make the tax money anymore off my old 2 pack a day habit.
  • Rod Emery
    commented 2015-04-17 23:46:09 -0400
    30 yrs smoking and i quit after 3 days vaping. Vaping has helped me turn my life around and I think the Liberal Government is out of touch if they wish to ban Vaping. If they do….We need to vote them out and keep them out.
  • Rand Farris
    commented 2015-04-17 16:20:05 -0400
    Rand Farris leave vaping the way it is it is saving people from death
  • Squinnton Kent
    commented 2015-04-17 12:56:30 -0400
    Vapes do the job of a ciggerette without the harmful side effects this leaves me asking y is the goverment being so stupud about something that could change everything
  • Karrie Lanctôt
    commented 2015-04-17 11:53:56 -0400
    Vaping has saved the lives of 3 adults in my home and kept my children from ever having to exposed to second hand smoke
  • Natalie Green
    commented 2015-04-17 11:07:16 -0400
    Hubby and I have been off smokes for 7 months now since starting to vape. I was a smoker for almost 30 years. This has been the only way to quit smoking for both of us. We had tried everything else. This is the first time since we met to be smoke free at the same time…and both still alive. Why make life harder for us ex smokers.
  • Isabel Zarate
    commented 2015-04-17 10:50:17 -0400
    12 yrs been off cigarettes , and just he smell gets to me , thank to vaping now my children vape and we love it i prefer them to vape then picking up a cigarette
  • Ryan Penney
    commented 2015-04-17 10:45:08 -0400
    Been vaping a while now and it’s really been the thing I needed to help kick smokes out. These really help people.
  • Ross Clark
    commented 2015-04-17 10:34:51 -0400
    Almost 2 years off off of cigarettes..owe it a to vaping!
  • Amanda Mathers-Poirier
    commented 2015-04-17 09:54:05 -0400
    Now smoke free from a vaporizer…..dont ban them
  • Wade Fraser
    commented 2015-04-17 09:50:25 -0400
    I can also say like many others here, I would never have stopped smoking cigarettes had I not switched over to an ecig. I see no reason to ban these items promoting a safer, less distracting alternative. Vapers dont stink, cough or suffer the nasty mood swings that cigarette smokers tend to suffer from.
  • Anthony Rausch
    commented 2015-04-17 09:41:24 -0400
    I started smoking at the age of 14 till I was 22.For those 8 years nothing else was able to break this habit till I tried vaping. This has saved my life and changed it for the better drastically. My daughter now will not have to grow up around a father that smokes and put her at risk of getting cancer. This is a life saving alternative and the ones making this choice should be patted on the back not punished !
  • Alyssa McMaster
    commented 2015-04-17 09:40:31 -0400
    Almost 1 years free from cigarettes thanks to vaping!
  • Tom Brouwer
    commented 2015-04-16 13:15:06 -0400
    Personally I know of many long time smokers that have had many attempts at quitting and vaping has worked in all cases. This is the best solution to getting people away from cigarette s.
  • Erin Lomore
    commented 2015-04-16 11:25:54 -0400
    I made the switch 2 years ago after several unsuccessful attempts with gum, patches & Champix. I am confident that I have made the healthiest choice possible for myself & my family. Please don’t take this option away from me or limit my acces to it.
  • Jeff Seifert
    commented 2015-04-16 08:43:40 -0400
    I smoked for 33 yrs vaping has gotten me to quit smoking
  • Cathy Grayson
    commented 2015-04-15 15:56:28 -0400
    I’m with the vapes 110 percent. Love them quit smoking 15 months ago and love it. Thank you flavour crafters for saving my life
  • Joan Casey
    commented 2015-04-15 15:25:24 -0400
    I have been using vaporizers for the last two years.l no longer have a smokers cough nor do l get the horrific twice yearly chest infections l used to get.My gp has said my airways have never been clearer ! Nothing else has worked for me. Please please do not take this away from me!
  • Wendy Farrow
    commented 2015-04-15 13:33:36 -0400
    35 yr smoker and nothing worked. I tried everything on the market including prescriptions. I have been cigarette free for 3 1/2 years thanks to ecigs. So has my husband, daughter and son in law. Don’t take this away from us. It works.
  • Wendy Farrow
    commented 2015-04-14 18:50:22 -0400
    Petition doesn’t show on phones. Log in using a computer
  • Michael James Mullaney
    commented 2015-04-14 18:11:01 -0400
    Can’t find the link to sign the petition!
  • Jeremiah Hanni
    commented 2015-04-14 17:53:45 -0400
    How do I sign the petition
  • Sarah Hood
    commented 2015-04-14 17:22:21 -0400
    I smoked for 15 years. Now I’m almost 1 year smoke FREE, thanks to the E-CIG.
  • Darcy Jackson
    commented 2015-04-14 17:05:58 -0400
    I just wanna sign the petition!
    This should be easy!