Statement by Randy Hillier regarding Labour Portfolio

It was with much disappointment that I was informed yesterday that I had been removed from my role as Ontario PC Labour Critic. It is a role that I have held since 2009 when Tim Hudak took over as Leader of our Party.

For years I have fought tirelessly against what I saw as wrongdoings and my constituents have always known that they could trust me to stand up for them regardless of the consequences.

Yesterday I was forced to face those consequences personally.

Three months ago I sent a private email to my Caucus colleagues sharing my concerns over a proposed piece of Legislation. Recently that correspondence was the basis of multiple news stories after it was leaked to the press.

In a call yesterday, Tim Hudak demanded that I both apologize for allegedly breaking Caucus confidentiality and to publicly retract the comments I had made in the aforementioned email.

I have never broken Caucus confidentiality and I have no doubt that any one of the reporters I spoke to regarding the recent news stories can corroborate just that.

I made it clear to Tim that under no circumstances would I retract the comments and concerns that I raised three months ago and that I still stand by to this day.

While I remain disappointed that this was the ultimatum I was forced to choose between, I would rather accept this demotion than sacrifice the integrity that my constituents have always expected from me.

Media Inquiries: Contact Chris Chapin - 416-726-2479 - chris@randyhillier.comĀ 

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commented 2013-09-13 11:11:54 -0400 · Flag
Keep up the good work Randy. One day the brainless trust will realize that this is the PC Party of Ontario, not the Tim Hudak, John Tory, Ernie Eves party. Keep fighting for what you believe in.
commented 2013-09-13 11:10:13 -0400 · Flag
That is a shame. Although I am not one of your constituents ( I live in Toronto ) I have long respected you as being perhaps the last or perhaps only honest MPP.

If Hudak comes knocking on my door looking for my vote in the future he will get an earful from me!
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Statement by Randy Hillier regarding Labour Portfolio #onpoli
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