Scuttlebutt from the Banana Republic

I’ll be attending the “Enough is Enough” Hydro One rally in Kingston this Saturday March 21 to protest high electricity rates - for more details click here. I hope to see you there. You may also want to check out the following Facebook page and my petition.

Nothing new to report from Queen’s Park this month, just the same old, same old continuation of Government and politicians engaged in allegations of bribery, money laundering, malfeasance and corruption, but otherwise all is good in the banana republic of Ontario. I heard through the grapevine that Wynne and her senior officials were on a fact finding mission on restoring representative democracy in Ontario this March Break. Reliable government sources who wish to remain anonymous have indicated that closed door meetings were held with Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Kim Jung-un (North Korea) and new legislation will be forthcoming.

Three senior OPP officers are being investigated for allegations of their skullduggery with OPP union finances, but unlike the Premier’s staff, they have been suspended. The Premier has finally made arrangements to meet with the OPP, months into the investigation to discuss the bribery allegations arising out of the Sudbury by-election. However, her MPP at the center of all this, Glen Thibeault, still remains silent on his ability to meet with the OPP. I wonder if we should ask to see their parliamentary calendars and see who they’re meeting with instead of the OPP?

The Ornge and gas plants scandals have now been investigated for 1126 and 651 days respectively. One must wonder if these extraordinarily long investigations are a result of exceptional complex schemes implemented by a devious criminal mind like Professor Moriarty or is it that the OPP is investigating the same people they negotiate their contract and wages with? Maybe a new Sherlock Holmes novel will be the outcome of these lengthy investigations.

On a more positive note, I’ve been engaged in questions and debate with the government regarding their wasteful spending practices, and I am a member of the Legislative Assembly Committee looking at allowing e-petitions and other amendments to the Standing Orders. As well, I sit on the Select Committee investigating sexual violence and harassment, which will be taking an in depth look and speaking with those effected by these issues in order to eliminate barriers to victims trying to come forward.

During the last election and in my debate on the Throne speech I made a commitment to my constituents to introduce legislation to restore integrity in our representative democracy. Over the next few weeks I will be introducing these bills and motions; you can watch and read about them on my Facebook pageTwitter or on my web page

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Randy, when I discovered today how deep my OFA is in with the Ontario liberals, it blew me away. I give up. Also, the OFVGA is totally ignoring us. Our fields are turning into toxic plastic and no one will listen or care. I hate what Ontario has become. How do you keep fighting day after day and have those you thought you could count on just let you down over and over and keep going? Even Toby Barrett is staying clear of the Hydro issue and it’s devastating rural Ontario. Seriously, I think personally, my best plan is to plan on not retiring here. Imagine how dreadful that would be.
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