Local Reps Demand Quality Care, Not Cuts

23 August 2016
(PERTH) – MPPs Randy Hillier (Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox & Addington) and Steve Clark (Leeds-Grenville) met with Champlain CCAC Chief Executive Officer Marc Sougavinski on Monday to discuss their concerns surrounding cuts to PSW hours serving clients in the Champlain catchment area.
"While we're told there are no changes to current patients' hours, I remain cautious and concerned for future patients," remarks Hillier.
"The model does appear to be changing, and we remain unclear on how this might impact patient care in the long term," adds Clark. "Without evidence that care isn't being compromised, I am reserved in any support for change."
Mr. Sougavinski pledged his commitment to ensuring any problems and concerns brought to his attention by either Mr. Hillier or Mr. Clark on behalf of their constituents would receive his personal attention. Both members agreed they would be watching the situation closely.
"We're both encouraging any Champlain CCAC clients or their loved ones in either of our ridings who encounter a reduction in service that compromises care, or feel they are receiving inadequate care, to contact our offices," Hillier declared.
"We'll be following this closely," Clark concluded.



Randy Hillier, MPP
Perth 613-267-8239
Steve Clark, MPP
Brockville 613-342-9522
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commented 2016-08-24 09:46:16 -0400 · Flag
I am concerned about the new proposal from the physician’s group as posted in the Toronto Sun today. “They propose delisting medically unnecessary services and redirecting the savings towards medically necessary services. They suggest a limit on the number of third and fourth opinions patients could seek for treatment of one ailment, and moving walk-in clinics closer to over-burdened hospital ERs.”

Many services have already been delisted for seniors, etc., and if more are delisted this may have a detrimental impact on senior care. Since CCAC is a partner with physicians in providing service to the community, they will no doubt be impacted as well.

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