Hillier to Wynne: "Support Recall for Municipal Politicians"

(QUEEN’S PARK) Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, has called on Premier Wynne in an open letter to fast track Bill 124, his Private Member’s Bill that allows for the recall of Members of Provincial Parliament. Hillier suggests his Bill could be easily amended to include all municipally elected officials.

While it has become easy to see the international attention associated with the controversy and actions of the Mayor of Toronto,” said Hillier, “What is unfortunately overlooked is that Toronto is not the only municipality with concerns over the accountability of their elected representatives.”

Hillier has asked the Premier to support his Bill, along with amendments to include all municipally elected representatives, as a means to create accountability and consequence to Ontario politicians.
Hillier addressed his concerns to the Premier, saying that so many voters in Ontario are left helpless when they lose trust in their elected officials.
“While voters in Toronto are visibly frustrated, voters in Rockland or London are faced with similar concerns and are receiving far less attention,” said Hillier. “Despite criminal charges laid against the Mayors of both these municipalities, voters’ only hope of holding these individuals accountable is either through a conviction or the next election; the delay is disenfranchising.”
Hillier’s Bill 124 would allow for the recall of any MPP if a petition is signed by twenty-five percent of the number of voters who cast a ballot in the previous election. If that threshold is met, a recall election would be initiated in which the incumbent would still be allowed to run for re-election.
“Voters should always be viewed as the only legitimate authority to replace an elected official regardless of the circumstances.”

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Randy, congratulations on moving voter recall forward. Elected officials must be held accountable to their constituent employers. How many times have we heard, vote for me and I will do this and this when I’m elected. Those campaign promises are nothing but pie in the sky hail mary"s. Similar to a sales person interviewing for a job opportunity promising nothing but big volumes and profits to get hired. Six months down the road this Sales Star, is a Sales Dud, and has been fired. Same premise except big corporations don’t wait until the next election, they fire immediately. With voter recall the constituents have an opportunity to hold their employee accountable for he/her actions and can make a decision without waiting for the next election. Hopefully your motion can be heard, passed,ready and waiting for elected officials in the October 2014 election.
@ tweeted this page. 2013-11-19 16:33:12 -0500
I've asked the Premier to support my Bill to allow recall of both MPPs and Municipal Politicians #onpoli #topoli http://www.randyhilliermpp.com/hillier_to_wynne_support_recall_for_municipal_politicians?recruiter_id=13665
Randy Hillier posted about Hillier to Wynne: "Support Recall for Municipal Politicians" on Randy Hillier's Facebook page 2013-11-19 16:33:12 -0500
I've asked the Premier to support my Bill to allow recall of both MPPs and Municipal Politicians #onpoli #topoli

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