Hillier talks propane problems on Ottawa 1310 News

Randy Hillier joined Ed Hand on 1310 News in Ottawa to talk about Eastern Ontario's propane problems this winter. 



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  • Brigitte Bouchard
    commented 2014-01-15 21:54:00 -0500
    I have first heard of the “propane shortage” from my nephew whom was told by his supplier: Levac Propane. I have called our propane supplyer to ensure timely delivery because we were getting close to 30% and was told that they weren’t affected by the shortage. They showed up on the regular scheduled delivery and filled it right up. The only sign I see of a shortage is the fact that we were billed 0.15 cents a liter more than the previous fill up. Was our propane supplier taking advantage of the said shortage? or are they indeed affected by the shortage but won’t say? I cannot tell. Someone I talked to tried switching from Levac to our supplier by was told they could not take on any new clients in order to be able to continue suppling propane to their current custommers.