Hillier on Ombudsman's investigation of Hydro One on CFRA

Randy Hillier joined Rob Snow on CFRA's Lowell Green Show to talk about Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin's decision to investigate Hydro One over its poor billing practices. 

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Thanks for championing this.
Please also remind Andre Marin that MPAC has given Marin’s report “Getting it Right” token lip service. Assessments in Eastern Ontario are full of mistakes! Please remind people to appeal their assessments. 30% of Ontario properties are over assessed by 20%. It’s worth people’s effort to appeal. MPAC is getting away with millions. Complacent Ontarians are letting them get away with it. It’s people’s own fault they don’t have extra disposable money. Appeal your assessments people! It’s worth your time and money! I still need your help Randy.
Randy Hillier posted about Hillier on Ombudsman's investigation of Hydro One on CFRA on Randy Hillier's Facebook page 2014-02-04 14:26:54 -0500
I had the pleasure of being on CFRA this morning with Rob Snow discussing the Ombudsman's investigation of Hydro One and its bad billing practices.

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