Conservation Authorities Fail Their Mandate

Our conservation authorities are ineffective, unaccountable, and constantly expanding beyond their mandate. My office has dealt with numerous issues with CA's providing false technical advice to constituents, major delays in service, and gross misinterpretations of statutory authority, particularly with the Rideau Valley and Mississippi Valley Conservation Authorities.

I have been in contact with the Minister of the Environment to express my concerns and to highlight specific failings and solutions. You can read my letter in full below.

Letter to MoECP RE:CA by on Scribd

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commented 2018-11-26 13:55:48 -0500 · Flag
Randy, Worthy thought. However, how can the MOE unseat the CA’s when the the Conservation Authorities were established by municipalities? Therefore the Municipalities have the power and can dissolve the CA. Especially if the CAs are a hindrance to prosperity in a municipality.
From the CA Act…
Meeting to establish authority for watershed
2. (1) Where the councils of any two or more municipalities situate either wholly or partly within a watershed by resolution request the Minister to call a meeting for the establishment of an authority for the watershed or any defined part thereof, the Minister shall fix a time and place for such a meeting and shall forthwith notify the council of every municipality either wholly or partly within the watershed or part thereof. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.27, s. 2 (1).

Participating municipalities following annexation, etc.
13. Where a new municipality is erected or two or more municipalities are amalgamated or any area is annexed to a municipality and any part of the resulting municipality is within the area over which an authority has jurisdiction, such resulting municipality shall be deemed to have been designated a participating municipality by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.27, s. 13.
Dissolution of authority
13.1 (1) An authority shall call a meeting of the members of the authority to consider the dissolution of the authority if, by resolution, the councils of two or more participating municipalities request the meeting. 1996, c. 1, Sched. M, s. 41.
Local property owners need to contact their municipalities all over Ontario and ask for the opting out of the municipality from the local CA. Then that keeps the CA within their mandate to clean up the water and stop flooding and manage the land they own and not interfere with private property rights.
commented 2018-11-20 16:56:30 -0500 · Flag
Conservation Authorities use intimidation to obtain compliance. They say they can charge permit fees. M1 says they can charge permit fees. What does M1 refer to? M of course which says their private parks. So they may charge a permit fee for you to camp in their privately owned parks. They are not to charge permit fees when you ask them questions on how to best manage something on your farm. Instead, as soon as a property owner asks they claim that if you don’t get a permit they will charge you with fines. Section 28 of the act ONLY comes into effect AFTER an agreement w\is made VOLUNTARILY under Section 21 to plant trees or other project. Their threats of fines and claiming authority under the act is fraud. If only property owners would understand the acts from the position of a property owner. CA’s have authority over PUBLIC lands and only by an an agreement entered into voluntarily do they have any authority over private land. MOEP needs to remember this too.
commented 2018-11-20 09:36:12 -0500 · Flag
The Conservation Authorities, as they function in Ontario today, are nothing more than a duplication of a function that can be implemented and maintained municipally and thus save the taxpayers vast amounts of money. They are a primary source of intrusive, bully behaviour and unnecessary delay. And they own, generally unmaintained, vast amounts of property that should be sold to private individuals with the proceeds used to reduce provincial debt.

MNRF or MOECP can maintain the primary functions of watershed management, flood and erosion control. Ontario is the only province with Conservation Authorities….they are a relic that serves no useful purpose!
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