A week in COVID: Facts vs Fears

Shall we follow the fears and the “experts”, or the facts and the science?

The last week has revealed a slew of information that challenges the government’s fear campaign since the start of COVID-19 hysteria. Here are a few of the powerful stories that shatter the narrative and show there is nothing keeping us from returning to normal.


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A Win in the Courts for Mask Exemptions

A win in the courts, know your rights:

While the government tries to keep legal challenges out of the courts, some manage to sneak through. Last week in Burlington a court decision was reached after a condo board demanded two residents wear a mask inside the building, despite their medical exemptions. The law was always on the side of this couple, and the judge agrees.

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The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud

COVID is being exploited as a Trojan horse to advance the CCP agenda around the world.

The following document has compiled evidence of the CCP's involvement in the worlds scientific & medical communities, among other industries.

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What Really Is Holding Back Our Hospitals During COVID?

Many perpetuated the lie that is the COVID pandemic and people are fed up. While fear is preventing many healthcare professionals from speaking out, fear of job losses, public shaming; Andrew, a nurse in Ontario wrote this powerful message to his MPP outlining the real situation in our hospitals. It is clear hospitals are not overwhelmed and patients in need are left waiting.

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Lives: With The Very Opinionated Kate Wand


I was LIVE with The Very Opinionated Kate Wand Show. We discussed her videos about how we as a society have reacted to #COVID19, methods to move us back towards normal, and answered your questions.

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Lives: COVID Oped + Five Essential Charts & Data

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Op-ed: COVID-Why would we do this?

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(Video) What is COVID?

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and on occasion How are the questions we ask to learn and better examine & evaluate any topic.

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(Video) The Deadliness of COVID Isolation

In this next installation with Dr. Amani, we discuss the impacts that isolation has on the elderly, the infirm, and our most vulnerable. Dr. Amani’s personal story of her own family, when added to her professional observations, is a reflection of stories coming into my office from across the province, across Canada, and the world. In Canada, we use solitary confinement in our correctional system only for the worst offenders…but apparently that has been expanded to our loved ones in LTC.

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(Video) Health Care is More Than Just COVID

In part 2 of my interview with Dr. Amani, we discuss how our government failed to provide actual health care for many, in order to deal with COVID projections that never happened. This government willfully forgot about how we treat viruses in order to double-down on a fear narrative.

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