Emergency Measures Need Accountability

In my 62 years, I have never experienced such an all encompassing and overarching division within Ontario as has developed with COVID-19. It has made polarization between political parties appear docile.

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Universal Healthcare or Universal Failure?

Since April 23rd we have seen over 53,000 medically necessary procedures delayed or cancelled, due to the under-utilization of our hospitals. The Health Minister has admitted that “about” 35 people have died while awaiting heart surgery.¹

These statistics were revealed yesterday by the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario (FAO)’s Preliminary Review on the Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Hospital Capacity.

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Suggestions to the Ontario COVID-19 Command Table

Fighting COVID-19 by not using healthcare- Who would have thought?

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Randy Hillier Supports and Endorses Kingston's Resolution Regarding COVID-19

I fully support and endorse Kingston’s resolution to move away from the province's “one-size-fits-all” model for combating COVID-19.

With diminished representation in government at the federal and provincial Parliaments, it is clear that local governments must have greater influence on how provincial policies are applied.

The needs and effects these provincial policies have had on each and every riding in our province differs greatly, from preventing community gardens to the closure of boat ramps and parks. What may be reasonable in Toronto or Ottawa does not necessarily apply to Ompah and Franktown.

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Scuttlebutt - Looking Forward

Over one month ago, we were faced with the realization of a pandemic, one which none of us actually had ever experienced, let alone fully understood the ramifications or consequences of. Uncertainty was the only sure thing we knew. However with time, more evidence has been uncovered, more facts revealed, and our ability to act and respond in an informed and knowledgeable manner vastly improved.

The Legislature is expected to resume sitting in a limited manner starting May 12th along with some committees resuming, and I will be attending to ensure the people of Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston are well represented. Our Parliaments, Legislatures, and representative government have essentially been suspended during this pandemic; whatever the future holds, I know that government and public policy can't be left in the hands of only a few to decide the path forward.

In the meantime, and as I have since the closure of the Legislature on March 13th, will continue to speak directly with members of Cabinet and appropriate Ministries to help limit and overcome the many contradictions and difficulties that have become apparent during this period of government by decree. I look forward to sharing this with you through these updates, as more details and easing of restrictions are realized.

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