The COVID road, between Dogma & Conspiracy


Letter to the LCBO Regarding Face Masks

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Letter to Businesses and Patrons on Mandatory Masks

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Petition: Time to End the State of Emergency

On March 13th, we declared a State of Emergency. I was in support of giving the Premier the authority to make swift decisions to handle the COVID-19 outbreak while the Legislature was in recess. Now, three months later, I can see this power has been abused to the detriment of the people of Ontario.

Throughout this outbreak we have seen groups come together in defence of democracy, with the hope of keeping our economy from ruin, and to protect those left behind by our shuttered healthcare system. Phone call after phone call, I began to learn the damages this lockdown has created for countless people in my riding. From business closures to bankruptcies, ignored medical procedures to unnecessary deaths; none a result of COVID-19 but rather the orders put by this government to fight it. Has the cure become more dangerous than the disease?

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(Video) Question: Who Denied OMA's Offer to Assist LTC?

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