4 years for a DriveTest in rural Ontario with no relief line in sight

5 August 2021

(PERTH) – MPP Randy Hillier has shared shocking four year long DriveTest wait times to get a Class G2 road test with the Minister of Transportation. In response, only the GTHA will be getting relief.

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Letter to the Minister of Transportation about Excessive DriveTest Scheduling Delays

I was shocked to learn that young people in my riding are being faced with a nearly 4 year wait to get a Class G2 DriveTest. When reaching out to the Minister of Transportation, it became clear they did not see the roads outside of the GTHA.

I’ve penned a letter to Minister Mulroney, including examples of these wait times, reminding her Ontario is bigger than the GTHA and that she must immediately allocate resources to relieve the wait times in rural areas.

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Letter to the Minister of Health regarding halting of OHIP listed optometry services

I have expressed my significant concern over the pending cancellation of OHIP insured services by Ontario’s optometrists because the Ontario government has refused to come to the table and negotiate a new fee schedule with them for almost thirty years. I wrote to the Minister about this last August, and still haven’t received a reply or any indications that the Ministry shares the concerns of my constituents about losing these services.

In the following two letters to Minister of Health and Deputy Premier Christine Elliott, I remind the Minister that eye exams are an important tool in diagnosing illness in the early stages.

You can read both letters to Minister Elliott below.

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Emergency powers are not gone just yet...

Recently I have seen incomplete and misleading information circulating about O.Reg 264/21, also known as the “Declaration of Emergency”, which was revoked on June 9th.

I know for many people the legislative process can be both complicated and confusing- I have even seen that confusion among politicians. I hope to provide some clarification.

Remember to share this far and wide, as we need to push back against the misinformation and falsehoods being shared about O.Reg 264/21, emergency measures, and vaccines.

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Letter to the Premier and Minister of Health on the Vaccinating of Children during COVID-19

I am calling on the Premier and Minister of Health to halt experimenting on our children.

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