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Punitive public policy killing family businesses


6 May 2020


(PERTH) – MPP Randy Hillier has expressed his significant concerns with restrictions being imposed upon farmers’ markets as they look towards opening this weekend.

“Our local health unit has issued a directive that goes far beyond the current safety measures in place for the big, corporate stores, placing our local farmers at a significant disadvantage,” says Hillier. “The arbitrary and excessive rules for family-owned businesses that essentially provide the same goods and services, and these punitive contradictions, need to end.”

“Suggesting that it is safe to stand in line to enter a big box grocery store, but not safe to do the same at a farmers’ markets, is just nuts,” added Hillier. “We cannot continue to tolerate these contradictions in public policy and the harm being done to our rural families and communities.”

It appears the Premier’s slogans and commitments of ‘open for business’ only applies to BIG business, and the mantra ‘for the people’ is only for some people, not the little guy.

You can read MPP Hillier’s letter to Dr. Paula Stewart here.




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